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Sunshine Rewards

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Connecticut Dream*    ICHO 2025-D  
Color: Sorrel
Sex: Stallion
Date of Birth: 13.Oct2015

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Connecticut Dream*

Kawo's Yoga MINIATURE 208333DM0503546

Bergmann's Yoyo MINIATURE DMS90124A

Bergmann's Paye MINIATURE

Bergmann's Yuyita MINIATURE
Kawo's Gabrielle MINIATURE DMD95190A unknown
Pennsylvania Dream* UELN: 578002082008002 Pirate's Little Buccaneer EB* ICHO 386-D The Pirate EB* ICHO 12-D
Talbot Hollow's Golden Moon AMHR 85104A
Sweet Pea* ICHO 258-D McRob* ABC 1764(f)
Lady* ABC 1765(f)
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