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Sunshine Rewards

Springwater Ranch
Jan Terrace
P.O. Box 130
Forest Grove, BC 

All Horses Owned by Springwater Ranch
Name Color Sire Dam Gender  
Charming's Curly King*  Red Roan  Prince Charming T*   Goldie (Siegrist's)   Stallion  View Progeny
WVR Maygan Ann*  Black  Dry Creek Twistear *   Molly Bluestar   Mare  View Progeny
RR Johnny B Goode*  Sorrel  Sockeye*   WCC Babe*   Stallion  View Progeny
SW Gold Card*  Palomino  Charming's Curly King*   Sunshine Holly   Mare   
JBars Springflyer*    Wyalta Apache 2 Bird   Sunshine Holly   Mare  View Progeny
CCC Red Whirlwind*  Red Roan  California Drifter*   Ruby Red*   Mare  View Progeny
SW Fire and Ice*  Rose Grey  Charming's Curly King*   JBars Springflyer*   Mare  View Progeny
Wyalta Apache 2 Bird    Unknown   Unknown   Stallion  View Progeny
Suddenly a Star  Chestnut  Unknown   Unknown   Mare  View Progeny
SW Nevada*  Bay  Unknown   Unknown   Mare  View Progeny
SW Sapphire*  Bay  SW Jackson*   WVR Maygan Ann*   Mare   
SW Jackson*  Red Roan  Charming's Curly King*   CCC Red Whirlwind*   Stallion  View Progeny
SW Sierra Fox*  Chestnut  RR Johnny B Goode*   SW Nevada*   Mare   
SW Pride against Money*  Chestnut  RR Johnny B Goode*   Suddenly a Star   Stallion   
SW Starlite Abby*  Red Roan  RR Johnny B Goode*   SW Fire and Ice*   Mare   
SW Mandalay Bay*  Bay  Charming's Curly King*   WVR Maygan Ann*   Mare   
Alys Coldcreekstar  Bay  Unknown   Unknown   Mare  View Progeny
SW Charm n Chance  Chestnut  Unknown   Alys Coldcreekstar   Stallion   
Rumours and Lies  Bay  Unknown   Unknown   Gelding   
By Request  Bay  Unknown   Unknown   Mare   
N-Mile Memphis Memory y  Chestnut  Unknown   Unknown   Mare   
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