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Sunshine Rewards

Jensens Curlyhester -- Gaited and Ponies
Lene Krone
Hvittingfossv 373
NO-3089 Holmestrand,
+47 33051422

All Horses Owned by Jensens Curlyhester -- Gaited and Ponies
Name Color Sire Dam Gender  
LS Sassey Lady*  Chestnut  Walker's Curly T*   LS Daisy*   Mare  View Progeny
FC Justa Touch of Mist*  Sorrel  DCC Justa Prince*   Bigcone Whoopi*   Mare  View Progeny
Pennsylvania Dream*  Sorrel  Pirate's Little Buccaneer EB*   Sweet Pea*   Mare   
Idaho Dream*  Palomino  SS Walcurly Prince Trevino*   Moonlight Sonata*   Stallion  View Progeny
Oregon Dream*  Chestnut  Idaho Dream*   FC Justa Touch of Mist*   Stallion   
Kawo's Yoga  Black  Bergmann's Yoyo   Kawo's Gabrielle   Stallion   
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