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Sunshine Rewards

Wing and a Prairie
Annie Waldow
5366 Road 1023
Culbertson, MT 59218

All Horses Owned by Wing and a Prairie
Name Color Sire Dam Gender  
Warrior Mischief*  Red Dun  Warrior's Black Velvet*   Warrior Dun Trouble Rose   Mare  View Progeny
Xydeco Mountain Music*  Bay  Frostfire's Xeque*   Miss Kleo*   Mare   
Wa'hBaka Velvet Blues*  Black  Warrior's Black Velvet*   Gypsy Rose Lee   Gelding  View Progeny
CCC Snippy*  Bay  Joes Birthday Colt*   Roxanne (Mead's)   Mare  View Progeny
Wa'hba War Seekers Light*  Dun  Seekers Warrior*   CCC Snippy*   Mare  View Progeny
OHOLA PRINCESS SAMMI*  Chestnut  Warrior's Black Velvet*   CCC Snippy*   Mare   
Seekers Foxtail*    Seekers Warrior*   Miss Warriors Gal*   Mare  View Progeny
WOW Taku Keeyas Wamanusa    Unknown   Wa'hba War Seekers Light*   Mare   
WOW Deal Seekers Rush R Sayela  Sorrel  Rush River Slash*   Seekers Foxtail*   Mare   
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