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Sunshine Rewards

Mary Stewart
Box 421
High Prairie, AB T0G 1E0

All Horses Owned by Fireside
Name Color Sire Dam Gender  
Aero*  Black  Gentleman Jim*   Candy (Miniature Horse)   Stallion  View Progeny
Jim's Wood Sprite*  Black  Gentleman Jim*   RCR Cupcake*   Mare   
Fireside Willow*  Black  VJB Man in the Moon*   Unknown   Mare  View Progeny
Firesides Jaycee*  Chestnut  Unknown   Unknown   Mare   
Fireside's Little Buddy*  Brown  Aero*   Unknown   Mare   
Firesides Maesa*  Silver Dapple  VJB Man in the Moon*   Unknown   Mare   
Fireside's Honey Bunch*  Dun  Aero*   Unknown   Mare   
Fireside's Hello Kitty*  Black  Aero*   Unknown   Mare   
Fireside's Maple*  Bay  Aero*   Unknown   Mare   
Time for a Mochacino LCG*  Buckskin  Bucky's Bongo Drummer EB*   Unknown   Stallion   
Fireside's Take A Chance*  True Black  Aero*   Fireside Willow*   Stallion   
*Firesides Teddy Bear*    Aero*   Unknown   Stallion   
Firesides Silver Sparkle*  Silver Dapple  Aero*   Unknown   Mare   
Firesides Patty Cake*  Black  Aero*   Unknown   Mare   
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