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Sunshine Rewards

Rancho Tres Estrellas
Claudia Duncan
4515 7th Ave
Regina, SK S4T 0R2

All Horses Owned by Rancho Tres Estrellas
Name Color Sire Dam Gender  
Misty's Tansie*  Sorrel  Walker's Prince T*   Goldie's Misty Mega   Mare  View Progeny
Annie's Rosebud T*  Sorrel  Walker's Prince T*   Steamboat Annie B   Mare  View Progeny
Memorial's Ebony Girl  Black  Golden Johnnie's Memorial C   Molly Reese*   Mare  View Progeny
DCC Strawberry Ice*  Red Roan  Walker's Prince T no II*   Annie's Rosebud T*   Mare  View Progeny
Lovely Lady*  Isabelo  Memorials Pizazz*   Double Heart Duchess C   Mare  View Progeny
SS Pal's Amber Azela *  Palomino  Snowy's Golden Opportunity*   Cypress Mel's Sassy*ONCURLS   Mare  View Progeny
RCR Lady Pansie*  Liver Chestnut  Sir Patrick MJT*   Misty's Tansie*   Mare  View Progeny
RCR Kaziah*  Liver Chestnut  Kreskin*   Misty's Tansie*   Mare  View Progeny
RTE Topaz's Lunar Eclipse*  Champagne  Topaz Merry Go   SS Pal's Amber Azela *   Mare   
Ebony's Dusty Lad*  Bay  Sir Patrick MJT*   Memorial's Ebony Girl   Stallion  View Progeny
Topaz Merry Go  Champagne  McLaren's Robert   Chiffon's Amber Dream   Stallion  View Progeny
DEB Tesoro Amoroso  Black  Unknown   Unknown   Gelding  View Progeny
RTE Topaz's Merry Dream Dancer*  Champagne  Topaz Merry Go   SS Pal's Amber Azela *   Stallion   
RTE Lord Tristan*  Chestnut  DCC Vegas*   DCC Strawberry Ice*   Stallion   
RCR Pats Eleventh Hour*    Sir Patrick MJT*   Misty's Tansie*   Mare   
RTE KA's Bajardo*  Bay  Ebony's Dusty Lad*   Lovely Lady*   Stallion   
Mac's Classy Lady  Champagne  Mac's Lucky Lad FDS   Dawneta   Mare  View Progeny
RTE A Dust Of Black Gold*  Black  Ebony's Dusty Lad*   Lovely Lady*   Stallion   
RTE Truly Blessed Anna*  Red Roan  Unknown   DCC Strawberry Ice*   Mare   
Lad's Morning Delight  Palomino  DCC Golden Lad   Hilary of Missouri*   Mare  View Progeny
Dun Dee's Classy Dixie Chick  Champagne  Pride's Dunn Deal   Mac's Classy Lady   Mare  View Progeny
Wuste Hitze  Champagne  Champagne Justice E/T   Sandia's Lightning Strike R   Stallion  View Progeny
RTE Thora  Champagne  Wuste Hitze   Lovely Lady*   Stallion   
Sandia's Lightning Strike R  Black  Peter Pan LS   Mocha Miss H.   Mare  View Progeny
RTE Bonny Lad*  Chestnut  Unknown   RCR Lady Pansie*   Stallion   
RTE Star's Sundance Delight*  Palomino  Sundance's Super Star*   Lad's Morning Delight   Stallion   
Micco's Curly Flashy Ingrid*  Black  Max's Micco*   Pistol Pete's Apparition A.   Mare   
Micco's Curly Scarlet O'Hara*  Chestnut  Max's Micco*   Touch's Bumble Bee   Mare   
Mystic Go Girls Adeline*  Sorrel  Max's Micco*   Mystic Go Girl B. M.   Mare   
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