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Sunshine Rewards

Twisted Oaks Farm
Janice Voss-Crosby
14595 147th Street
Waseca, MN 56093

All Horses Owned by Twisted Oaks Farm
Name Color Sire Dam Gender  
Hawk's Midnite Shadow*  Black  Ebonys Black Hawk*   Colonel's Party Curl*   Stallion  View Progeny
Encore*  Chestnut  E.N. Jackson*   BNC Angel   Mare  View Progeny
Warrior Mead MayB Queen*  Bay  Mead's Northern Express*   Warrior's Sue Queen*   Mare  View Progeny
Shadow's Black Licorice*  Black  Hawk's Midnite Shadow*   BNC Angel   Mare   
Bit-O-Wy Blanca*  Cremello  Bit-O-Wy Mellow*   Bit-O-Wy Daisy*   Mare  View Progeny
Stag Creek Mearly B*  Sorrel  Tall Trees Misdemeanor*   Warrior Mead MayB Queen*   Mare   
TO Darque Moon*  Black  Hawk's Midnite Shadow*   Kentucky Lightening*   Stallion   
TO Vincent*  Smoky  Hawk's Midnite Shadow*   TD's I Love Lucy*   Stallion   
TO Ebony Rose*  Black  Hawk's Midnite Shadow*   Encore*   Mare   
MCH Brave One*  Buckskin  Mead's Bayo Coyote*   Meads Crystal   Mare   
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