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Sunshine Rewards

Woodke's Walnut Woods
Marv  Woodke
1466 E 550 N
Monterey , IN 46960

All Horses Owned by Woodke's Walnut Woods
Name Color Sire Dam Gender  
WWW Princess Diamond T*  Black  DCC Drifter*   Kiowa Beauty*   Mare   
SLL Sir Patricks Lil Chip *    Sir Patrick MJT*   Beauty's Peppermint Patty*   Stallion  View Progeny
WWW Painted Princess  Black  TEOC Danny Boy*   Kiowa Beauty*   Mare  View Progeny
Sunny's Lil Angel *  Sorrel  Sun Dance T*   Midnight Blue   Mare  View Progeny
WWW Blazin' Bubba   Black  DCC Drifter*   Kiowa Beauty*   Stallion   
WWW Drifter's Snazzy Taz*  Chestnut  DCC Drifter*   Sunny's Lil Angel *   Stallion   
Chip's LIl Lightning Bolt*  White  SLL Sir Patricks Lil Chip *   Unknown   Stallion   
Warrior's Buttons  Bay  Sons Vigilante   High Spot Taffy   Stallion  View Progeny
WWW Tinker*  Bay  Warrior's Buttons   Misty of Monterey*   Mare   
Black Velvet Knight ( Toby) *  Smoky  Warrior's Black Velvet*   Unknown   Stallion  View Progeny
Drifter's Frost  Chestnut  DCC Drifter*   Silvie Rose of Sharon*   Stallion   
Gem  Bay  DCC Drifter*   Unknown   Mare  View Progeny
Clyde  Bay  DCC Drifter*   Unknown   Gelding   
Jessta Ripple  Sorrel  DCC Drifter*   Sunny's Lil Angel *   Gelding   
Chip's Flash of Beauty*  Blue Roan  SLL Sir Patricks Lil Chip *   Kiowa Beauty*   Mare   
WWW Chip's Hat Trick*  White  SLL Sir Patricks Lil Chip *   TD's Miss Image of Grace   Mare   
Heza Hot Shot*  Bay  *WWW The Hoss*   Diamond Creek Daisy   Stallion   
Blue Eye Jake*  Liver Chestnut  *WWW The Hoss*   Sunny's Lil Angel *   Stallion   
Knight Lover    Black Velvet Knight ( Toby) *   Unknown   Stallion   
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