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Sunshine Rewards

Richardson's Curly Horse Guest Ranch
Jackie and Ron Richardson
1259 310th Ave.
Woodburn, IA 50275
(641) 342-6180

All Horses Owned by Richardson's Curly Horse Guest Ranch
Name Color Sire Dam Gender  
Goldies Snow Beauty*  Max Sabino  Walker's Prince T*   Goldie (Tune's)   Mare  View Progeny
Cappianna Kid S*  Sorrel  The Apache Kid*   Curly Baby T*   Mare  View Progeny
Sir Patrick MJT*  Sorrel  Zane's Big Mac   Lad's Curly Queen*   Stallion  View Progeny
Kreskin*  Chestnut  Charming's Royal Duke*   Foxy Lay T*   Stallion  View Progeny
CCC Audie D*  Bay  The Yellow Hornet*   The Austin Black*   Mare  View Progeny
WCC Smokey Sprite*  Blue Roan  Unknown   Unknown   Mare   
Red's Lad*  Sorrel  Sir Patrick MJT*   Comanche's Red Beauty*   Stallion   
RCR Burnt Sugar*  Bay  WVR One Spot Billy*   Sugar's Little Foot*   Mare   
Frostfire's Destiny*  Buckskin  Frostfire's Captain Kirk *   Sunshine Xianne*   Mare  View Progeny
Honey Baby*  Palomino  Sir Patrick MJT*   Honey Comb A&M*   Mare  View Progeny
RCR Bitz of Honey Kin*  Palomino  Kreskin*   Honey Baby*   Mare   
RCR Misfire  Sorrel  Sir Patrick MJT*   Miss Firecracker WP*   Mare   
Bow*  Chestnut  Unknown   Unknown   Mare   
Penny's Sofia*  Bay  Mead's Homesteader*   I'm A Good Penny   Mare   
Duckwater Dancer*  Bay  Show Off*   Sniffy (Bradshaw's)   Mare   
CCC I M Sheepie*  Buckskin  Mead's Grulla Horse*   Whisper Mustang   Mare   
Misty Rose T*  Sorrel  Walker's Prince T no II*   Buttercup T*   Mare  View Progeny
Olivia*  Sorrel  Riley*   Unknown   Mare   
Xtra Sweet  Sorrel  Sir Patrick MJT*   Frostfire's Xena T*   Mare   
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