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Cactus Jack*        
Color: Buckskin
Markings:Crème, Tobiano, Dapple,
Sex: Gelding
Date of Birth: 4-22-2006

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    Gringo's Copper D * ABC 1186(f)
   BNC Chinook Twist* ABC 2496
    BNC Sasha* ABC 1302(f)
  bnc cactus* ICHO 369-D
    in bimbo* ABC 1306(f)
   In trixie* ABC 39(f)
Cactus Jack*
    Colonel Austin* ABC 148(f)
   Col's Target* ABC 615(f)
    Little Pet* ABC 370(f)
  Epona* ABC 1544(f)
    Yellow Jacket* ABC 522(f)
   Yellow Bird ABC S-281
    Mead's Yellow Fever
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